Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Government is NOT taking away your Rights.

The simple, and often overlooked fact is they CAN'T. Your Freedom is given to you by God. What you do with it is your Choice. And NO Government, Group, Agency, Administration, or Formation of Men can do a damn thing about that.

The only way your Rights can be taken away, is if YOU ALLOW THEM TO BE.

The United States Government can outlaw every single Amendment in the Bill of Rights tomorrow and it does not matter. All they really hurt is themselves. By chipping away at their very foundations they are playing a dangerous game of Jenga.

If Der Feuer Obama stood on the White House lawn and said Free Speech is outlawed, Guns are Banned, And everyone is to convert to Islam; I will grab my guns and march down the street praising God and shooting anyone who tries to stop me.

Until you consent to adhere to the laws that oppress you; You are not oppressed. THAT is the truth. THAT is what matters. You are only a slave, a peasant, an indentured servant; when you CHOOSE to Be. And until that time, you are Free as long as you CHOOSE to Be. Which for me, is until the day I die, and then for a few days after that. 

The Truth my friends is this; we have passed the point of no return. Too much damage has been done for us to ever elect a competent Leader with the will and power to fix it. At some point you have to stop trying to patch holes in the dam and just let it crumble. Only then can you build anew. 

We have hit that point. The only way to get back to the freedom and prosperity we once had is to destroy everything this country has become. Only then can we build a new country based on the founding principles that our Founding Fathers had always intended to remain the same. The very principles our Dictator in Chief, sees as so much of a Threat.

So, for the time being; what I propose is this. Let it go. Instead of allowing yourself to get riled up, angry, raging every day at what this Government thinks they are doing to our Freedoms; spend your time preparing for the inevitable WAR. The politics do not matter. You keep yourselves ALIVE, Keep your wits about you, Keep your Faith in God, and your finger on the trigger. 

If there be one last nugget of advice I offer, it is this; DO NOT SHOOT FIRST. In the pages of history every time there has been a conflict, the one who shot first; LOST. England at Boston, The South at Fort Sumter, Germany in the Rhineland, Japan at Pearl Harbor. Who ever shoots first loses. If we strike first, the Government is vindicated when they brand us as Terrorists and bomb us into the stone age. If the Government strikes first, we are justified in doing anything and everything conceivable and imaginable to stop them. No matter what that may be.

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