Friday, July 10, 2015



Freedom is NOT a Right. FREEDOM is a CHOICE

Free Speech, Right to Bare Arms, Right to Practice a Religious Faith. NONE of it is a RIGHT. You must CHOOSE whether you will remain silent and afraid, or if you will speak out for what you know to be Truth. Will you become a victim, or will you ensure your own safety. Will you cower to a tyrannical cult, or will you stand for what you truly believe in, even if it means your death.

The Problem with "Rights" is they are presented as LAWS that are supposed to be enforced by the Government. A Government that does not obey it's own laws, sets forth laws for YOU to obey.

A FREE MAN answers only to whom he CHOOSES. People are scared every day that the government is taking away their rights. The question I ask them is "Why do you care what the government says you can and can't do?"

Thomas Jefferson said "When the laws become unjust, the just become lawless."

A simple yet eloquent statement. It does not matter to GOD what the law of the land is. Such as Homosexuality. If it became a law that everyone was to engage in Homosexuality, God would still judge it as a sin. Man can not make right what God has deemed to be wrong.

So why do people fear what the Government says they can do? Ask yourself, "AM I FREE?" If it takes you longer to answer that question then it did to read it, you are already a slave. If you live your life by what the Government says you can do, Freedom is out of your Reach. Free will is like butterfly wings, once touched, they never get off the ground again. If you allow others to dictate how you live, or what you believe; what is wrong with you?

In this life, we are responsible for our own actions and WE decide what those actions will be. I am a Free man, not because the Government says I can be, but because I choose to be. I choose what I believe in, I choose my own code to live by, I choose what I do with my life. THAT makes me Free.

People these days believe that because SOCIETY accepts something (e.g. homosexuality) that we must all accept it. It matters not what you are ordered to do, or what is deemed acceptable by man. God does not care what laws MAN put in place. He cares only what HE did.

We have been speaking for some time, waiting for this war to kick off. I am very close to believing it already has. Wars are not fought solely with weapons, but with words; With Propaganda, Attrition, and Deprivation. More and more this regime chips away at what we have, what we are. And I have for a long time now REFUSED to abide by their tyranny.

But as much as I like, I can not do what must be done alone. And so I say this to everyone out there who sees as I do. PREPARE. Food, Water, Distillation Equipment, Armaments, Communications, a little body armor never hurt either. Cause I dare say that this WAR might not be a war at all. This country will collapse. WE must survive that, start over if we can, but we must survive the worst of it first. And we can only hope to survive it together. When it comes, help your neighbor as they help you. There will be no shortage of fighting; of conflict and confrontation, but that fighting must not happen among ourselves.

And though God would not like me to say this, but the liberals can die for all I care. They got us into this mess, and I will not lift a finger to help that ideology survive.

In closing I leave you with this, It is said you can only truly claim to believe in something, when you are willing to die for it. All that you claim to believe in. What are you willing to Sacrifice to hold on to those beliefs?
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