Friday, March 18, 2016

Trump or Cruz

Some of my Conservative friends question my support of Trump. Some were less than cordial about it. So I take this time to set the record straight.

I support Ted Cruz, in all honesty he was my first choice. I am in full support of all he believes in. However I have always considered myself a rather good judge of character. While I agree completely with Cruz on nearly every issue. The fact is, I do not believe him to be strong enough.

Trump has a presence. The kind of man who will tell Iran, to go Fuck Themselves. Cruz is too nice, too polite. No politician will respects a leader they can walk over. Trump on the other hand is a brutal man of means. Some would claim that makes him like Obama. Wrong. Obama is a selfish, spoiled brat of a child. Trump is a tactful negotiator.

Trump is a businessman; people want to bash him for having donated money to liberal politicians in the past. Think about it; who was in charge? Liberals. Who had the power to pass a law that could hurt your business? Liberals. Who do you have to pay off to ensure that shit does not happen? Liberals.

Furthermore Trump is not afraid nor hesitant to fire someone for fucking up. Obama has tried to cover up for everyone under his regime. Granted I think that more because they had dirt on him but that's beside the point.

But don't get me wrong, I am just as adamant about fighting a Civil War against this government regardless of who is in charge and for what party they stand. I hope that under a Right Wing, Conservative leadership even a Nationalist that the current course can be halted, even reversed.

I believe Trump to be the strongest candidate to do that. Yes Cruz is the purest conservative, but Cruz does not have former democrats supporting him, Trump does, which explains Trumps vast array of support from such diverse groups. Cruz may want to take a lot of really great actions against the government, but I do not believe he has the Will for it. He is just too soft.

If I had it my way, If I was Cruz or Trump, I would say to the other look; we are both great choices, lets run this primary campaign, who ever looses, gets to be vice president. Those two running together would be unstoppable.

If Hillary wins I will start the war myself. I refuse to see another 4 or even 8 years of tyranny in this country. If Trump wins, and the same goes for Cruz, and they do not uphold their promise, I will wage war against them as well.

I am not an anarchist, I am a Radical Right Wing Christian Conservative Patriot. The very kind the liberal media speaks so fearfully of. I believed in this country, and I have seen it transformed from the Land of the Free, to one of Tyranny and Oppression.

I would rather see it destroyed that it may be reborn, then see it become the very dwelling of the evil and savage against which it has stood for so long.

Friday, July 10, 2015



Freedom is NOT a Right. FREEDOM is a CHOICE

Free Speech, Right to Bare Arms, Right to Practice a Religious Faith. NONE of it is a RIGHT. You must CHOOSE whether you will remain silent and afraid, or if you will speak out for what you know to be Truth. Will you become a victim, or will you ensure your own safety. Will you cower to a tyrannical cult, or will you stand for what you truly believe in, even if it means your death.

The Problem with "Rights" is they are presented as LAWS that are supposed to be enforced by the Government. A Government that does not obey it's own laws, sets forth laws for YOU to obey.

A FREE MAN answers only to whom he CHOOSES. People are scared every day that the government is taking away their rights. The question I ask them is "Why do you care what the government says you can and can't do?"

Thomas Jefferson said "When the laws become unjust, the just become lawless."

A simple yet eloquent statement. It does not matter to GOD what the law of the land is. Such as Homosexuality. If it became a law that everyone was to engage in Homosexuality, God would still judge it as a sin. Man can not make right what God has deemed to be wrong.

So why do people fear what the Government says they can do? Ask yourself, "AM I FREE?" If it takes you longer to answer that question then it did to read it, you are already a slave. If you live your life by what the Government says you can do, Freedom is out of your Reach. Free will is like butterfly wings, once touched, they never get off the ground again. If you allow others to dictate how you live, or what you believe; what is wrong with you?

In this life, we are responsible for our own actions and WE decide what those actions will be. I am a Free man, not because the Government says I can be, but because I choose to be. I choose what I believe in, I choose my own code to live by, I choose what I do with my life. THAT makes me Free.

People these days believe that because SOCIETY accepts something (e.g. homosexuality) that we must all accept it. It matters not what you are ordered to do, or what is deemed acceptable by man. God does not care what laws MAN put in place. He cares only what HE did.

We have been speaking for some time, waiting for this war to kick off. I am very close to believing it already has. Wars are not fought solely with weapons, but with words; With Propaganda, Attrition, and Deprivation. More and more this regime chips away at what we have, what we are. And I have for a long time now REFUSED to abide by their tyranny.

But as much as I like, I can not do what must be done alone. And so I say this to everyone out there who sees as I do. PREPARE. Food, Water, Distillation Equipment, Armaments, Communications, a little body armor never hurt either. Cause I dare say that this WAR might not be a war at all. This country will collapse. WE must survive that, start over if we can, but we must survive the worst of it first. And we can only hope to survive it together. When it comes, help your neighbor as they help you. There will be no shortage of fighting; of conflict and confrontation, but that fighting must not happen among ourselves.

And though God would not like me to say this, but the liberals can die for all I care. They got us into this mess, and I will not lift a finger to help that ideology survive.

In closing I leave you with this, It is said you can only truly claim to believe in something, when you are willing to die for it. All that you claim to believe in. What are you willing to Sacrifice to hold on to those beliefs?
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Good Christian

A Good Christian.

I am not one. What I am about to tell you, happened today. A series of events, a realization, and while not the proudest moment in my life, one I am not ashamed of. 

For lunch today, I stopped in at a local sandwich shop. I ordered, got my food and as I was walking out, noticed this punk faggot giving shit to this girl who was trying to remain passive. I noticed she was wearing a crucifix, the implication seemed to be his sole reason for aggression. I walked over and said "What is your problem with Christians?" to which he replied, "The only good Good Christian is a Dead Christian." 

I drove my fist right through his jaw, and I'm pretty sure I broke it. I should have just walked away after that, just left him on the ground avoiding further conflict but I didn't. Instead I got on top of him and just hammered away again, and again, and again; as if every bit of persecution fueled rage in me was just spilling out with every blow. Until the girl pulled me off of him, pleading for me to be merciful.

I couldn't say anything. I was stunned by her actions. Her compassion for the very person who had essentially just threatened her life. It was then I realized. That phrase, is to some degree, accurate.

Only Good Christians, end up Dead Christians.

Only the Good Christians will remain passive, will follow Jesus's teachings of Forgive and Forget and Turn the Other Cheek. They never fight back and they are slaughtered for it. They say there is an inherent honor in dying a martyr. Me, I don't agree.

General Patton said, "No poor sap ever won a war by dying for his country; He won by making the other son of a bitch die for his."

"Vengeance is mine", sayeth the Lord. But I am not that patient. I could say it was the way he made me. But my actions are my choice. I refuse to stand idly by while Christians are persecuted and even murdered in this country and do nothing, all because the Bible says it is supposed to happen? Fuck that.

I will fight because they won't. If they refuse to save their own lives then I will save it for them. I will fight the battles alone if I must, and if God judges my actions a Sin, then so be it.

I am not a Good Christian. I am the radical right wing fanatical religious terrorist the liberal media warns you about and I am fucking proud of it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Government is NOT taking away your Rights.

The simple, and often overlooked fact is they CAN'T. Your Freedom is given to you by God. What you do with it is your Choice. And NO Government, Group, Agency, Administration, or Formation of Men can do a damn thing about that.

The only way your Rights can be taken away, is if YOU ALLOW THEM TO BE.

The United States Government can outlaw every single Amendment in the Bill of Rights tomorrow and it does not matter. All they really hurt is themselves. By chipping away at their very foundations they are playing a dangerous game of Jenga.

If Der Feuer Obama stood on the White House lawn and said Free Speech is outlawed, Guns are Banned, And everyone is to convert to Islam; I will grab my guns and march down the street praising God and shooting anyone who tries to stop me.

Until you consent to adhere to the laws that oppress you; You are not oppressed. THAT is the truth. THAT is what matters. You are only a slave, a peasant, an indentured servant; when you CHOOSE to Be. And until that time, you are Free as long as you CHOOSE to Be. Which for me, is until the day I die, and then for a few days after that. 

The Truth my friends is this; we have passed the point of no return. Too much damage has been done for us to ever elect a competent Leader with the will and power to fix it. At some point you have to stop trying to patch holes in the dam and just let it crumble. Only then can you build anew. 

We have hit that point. The only way to get back to the freedom and prosperity we once had is to destroy everything this country has become. Only then can we build a new country based on the founding principles that our Founding Fathers had always intended to remain the same. The very principles our Dictator in Chief, sees as so much of a Threat.

So, for the time being; what I propose is this. Let it go. Instead of allowing yourself to get riled up, angry, raging every day at what this Government thinks they are doing to our Freedoms; spend your time preparing for the inevitable WAR. The politics do not matter. You keep yourselves ALIVE, Keep your wits about you, Keep your Faith in God, and your finger on the trigger. 

If there be one last nugget of advice I offer, it is this; DO NOT SHOOT FIRST. In the pages of history every time there has been a conflict, the one who shot first; LOST. England at Boston, The South at Fort Sumter, Germany in the Rhineland, Japan at Pearl Harbor. Who ever shoots first loses. If we strike first, the Government is vindicated when they brand us as Terrorists and bomb us into the stone age. If the Government strikes first, we are justified in doing anything and everything conceivable and imaginable to stop them. No matter what that may be.

I Believe I figured it out. But I could be wrong.

So. In order for Obama to have Supreme Authority. (bit redundant at this point); During a time of national crisis, the President may declare a Nationwide State of Emergency. In so doing all elections are suspended, all branches of government are suspend and authority over every bureau, agency, and department is under direct control of the POTUS.

So you have the "invasion", thousands of illegals crossing the border; many are infected with everything from scabies to tuberculosis. But they are being stopped by both Civilians who forbid the buses access to their towns, and the Patriot Militia who are preventing more from coming in. So that Outbreak was a bust.... for now.

Next. One Doctor, and One Nurse, trying to aid those who where caught in an EBOLA outbreak. They themselves have become infected. It is a terrible tragedy. Ebola, much like small pox is a HIGHLY DEADLY virus. But it is survivable. Both can be fought off by the bodies immune system in a matter of weeks, provided the patient stays in good health (reasonably and considering) during that time.

But until they do overcome, they are EXTREMELY CONTAGIOUS. So why bring them home? 

1. There are hundreds of Highly certified hospitals in Europe that are more than capable of taking care of him; all of them closer to where he was in Africa, than any in the Continental United States.

2. During war times when soldiers happened to become infected with contagious diseases, they where placed aboard Hospital ships, completely staffed and secured with qualified personnel. These ships where put out to sea, and forbidden from docking until the patient either (A.) recovered completely, and no further infections occurred. or (B.) the Patient died, their body disposed of (incineration) and no further infections occurred.

So why bring them home? Answer: OUTBREAK. This is the incident Obama needs to declare emergency. EBOLA, those it kills, die within 7 to 14 days, typically. It is highly contagious, and Hospitals are the WORST places to PREVENT the spread of disease. ( I know that sounds insane, but it is what we call a Cruel Irony. Ask anyone with medical training about that, and they will tell you the same.). 

All you need is ONE nurse, ONE doctor, ONE bystander; to come into exposed contact with the patient, become unknowingly infected, and walk out of that hospital, jump on a bus, train, or subway, and you have between 20 and 200 people infected in a matter of minutes. 

1 infects 200, 200 infects 40000 to 8,000,000. You see where this goes. 

Once again, I admit, I could be mistaken. Maybe bringing this Doctor and Nurse home was just a poor decision, maybe they wanted to treat them here out of some lack of confidence in European medical centers. 

But what if I'm right. What if this was INTENTIONAL. Only time will tell.

pic is slightly related, a little Half-Life humor for the BIOHAZARD outbreak theme.

True Conservatives or Cowards

In my on going attempts to wake up my fellows to the tyranny of this regime, I have come to the realization that there are three types of Conservatives.

The first is the Brave. Those who have their eyes open. They see what is happening, and they are prepared to fight, to die if necessary for what they believe in, what they have, and who they love. Many would call these people warmongers, murderers, and terrorists. The founding fathers of this nation where called the very same by the British. Those like myself who refuse to bow to false deities and gawdy idols. We know what we believe in. We know what we support. We don't care if you believe as we do, our beliefs do not require you too. We don't care if you mock us, it only confirms we walk the right path. It is us, to whom you call for help. And because we have always been the better men, because through all the hate, slander, and abuse you gave us, we remained true; still we lend you a hand.

The Second is the Fearful. Those who clearly see what is happening, but possess neither the guts, nor the will to do anything about it. They watch what they say, fearing the speak of Revolution will bring Government agents to their door. They organize peaceful protests to denounce the atrocities of their government when they know full well that the government isn't listening. These people who when the War comes will wait on the sidelines to see who comes out on top.

The Third and Final is the Foolish. These are the worst. They really believe that voting matters. That the every day American actually can make a difference. Mark Twain said,"If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it." Yet these people really believe that they can simply vote people out of office. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are both bat shit insane. The idea that these two were repeatedly elected by educated populace and not by voter fraud is laughable if not pure insanity in its own right.
Not to mention we know for a fact that Voter fraud occurred in BOTH of Obama's Presidential Elections. 1.2 million dead people voted for Obama in 2008. In Ohio alone, there are 96,000 registered voters, yet on election day 110,000 voted, and every one of those extra votes was for Obama.
Still these people believe in the vote. They think the rest of us mad for calling for a Revolution. They think us the fools because we believe in the Constitution, we Believe in the Declaration of Independence; which clearly states "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."
And they belief us to be Treasonous because we are ready to fight and die for what we believe in?

This isn't some insane call to jihad by a psychotic Islamic cultist. A fool who threatens convert or die. I am an American Patriot. This country was founded on Christianity, Conservatism, and Capitalism. It was founded on the principles of Liberty, Freedom, and Justice. Of which this Tyrannical regime would seek to strip us of. Yet I'm the mad man for saying NO.

I for one would rather Die on my feet, than live on my knees.

America is Dead.

We live in a society where Police can barge in and arrest us out of Suspicion. The Government can detain us indefinitely on an Accusation. The Courts will never hear our case because of Rendition.

Welcome to the real world. Welcome to reality. Liberals, Obamatrons, Democrats; they would say I'm paranoid. That I'm just some Racist, Bigot, Redneck, Republican. And maybe I am. They will demand proof.  If I obtained proof, they would have come for me a long time ago. 

You don't need a stack of files in front of you, in order to confirm what's been happening right before your eyes. Am I saying that whistleblowers are justified? No. What Bradley Manning did was wrong. He exposed on going operations and put innocent peoples lives in danger. Edward Snowden however, showed us just how dark, our reality has become. The only life endangered by his actions were his own. And in a sense, you might say he gave us our lives back.

There is something very wrong with this Government. But then there has always been something very wrong with the liberal ideology. First and foremost; it doesn't work. In its ascended forms being socialism, and communism; it has destroyed every country that has ever implemented it, or is in the process of destroying it. Secondly; it is in complete contrast to everything our Founding Fathers fought for. This country was founded on the principles of God, it was founded on Conservativism, it was founded on Capitalism.

Some would say prove it. The Pilgrims came here looking for a place where they could practice their religious beliefs freely. The Colonists, fought against England, whose ideology has been liberal for over 200 years. It survives because its economic system is capitalism. People want to bash the late Margaret Thatcher because she was conservative, and yet that country prospered most under her guidance. During World War II we fought against Fascism (National Socialism) in Germany, and in Japan, it was a parliamentary monarchy (with an Emperor) which is a government system only ever found in liberal settings. During the Cold War we fought against Communism with Russia.

For 200 years this country fought and stood firmly against liberalism. And thanks to cowards, white guilt republicans, and liberal traitors, we welcomed it with open arms. And on top of that we welcomed it to a man that we know absolutely nothing about. 

Every document and record of his past has been classified. No one in any class he ever claimed to have could ever remember him being there, let alone spoke to him. His entire history is a lie. One massive scandal and cover-up. Is it any surprise what he is doing now.

You fools continue to believe in him, believing in his message, his ideology, believing his lies. And it is because of you that I will feel no guilt in fighting against you when the war comes. And regardless of what we may want, there will be a civil war in this country one way or another, sooner or later.

They mock us; "You think you are going to fight against the American military?" We fought against the British Military; who was the strongest in the world. We fought them under equipped, under matched, and with very little hope. But we won then. "What if they kill you?" Then, I say to them. I will have died fighting for what I believed in. And in that I can stand before God and be judged, and I will feel no shame.

We have fallen a long way. And I'd like to believe that we can simply vote in a Republican next election, or perhaps a Libertarian; and they can fix it. But the harsh reality is No, we can't. Aside from the fact that given our dictator's current oppression, his current attempts to consolidate his power; it is very unlikely we will even have another presidential election. Fact is, too much damage has already been done. 

At some point you need to stop trying to patch the holes in the dam, and just let it crumble. Then you may build anew. The only hope we have left is destruction. Either this Government destroys itself, or the people rise up to tear it down, and we start over.

I've often heard Christians I know make the comment, "America is never referenced in Revelations". Yes that is true, many countries are not. And perhaps that is because they are already destroyed when that time comes. But then perhaps the United States of America is not referenced, because we will have become something different by then. Something greater perhaps. Who knows. Maybe we will become an entirely new country. Or maybe we will completely destroy ourselves, and there won't be anything left to even build on. Then again, the lack of mention, might not mean anything at all.

Yet even so. I have hope. Not everyone out there does. Not every Christian believes in God the same way I do. Not every Conservative or Capitalist, believes the same way about Government and Economics that I do. It doesn't matter that people don't believe the same way I do, my beliefs do not require them to. 

I learned a long time ago. Those who try desperately to convince others to believe as they do, be it in Christianity, or Islam; are in actuality trying to convince themselves. They feel that if someone else believes the same. They are justified, they are confirmed. And those who try desperately to tear down what someone believes, are those with no faith in themselves. They fear what they do not understand. And in that fear they seek to destroy. I have been mocked, and ridiculed for my beliefs for as long as I can remember. The only thing it has done, is confirm in myself, that I walk the right path.

Yet in everything that may make me appear to be strong I know I am weak. It's why I hide my identity, why I use an alias, why I wear a mask. Oscar Wilde said, "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person, give him a mask and he will speak the Truth.". I've been wearing this mask for a long time. Couldn't even begin to tell you how I created it. Wouldn't care if someone figured who I was underneath. Something a friend taught me; we don't wear a mask to hide ourselves, we wear a mask, so that we don't have to hide anymore. And I know that may seem confusing to some of you. But then there are those out there like myself who understand that notion all too well.

I have sinned a great deal in my life. I am far from this "Holier than thou" stance many so called Christians take. I ask God for forgiveness often. I am burdened by my past. I have no doubts that God has forgiven me. But sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to forgive myself.

I end with this. We all have something we believe in. A principle, an ideology, a goal. We all have a long road ahead of us. A difficult road. And we might not all survive what is to come. But the question you must ask yourself is this. "When I die, when I am judged, will I have regrets? Will I feel shame? If I were to die today. How would I feel about the life I led?"

In life we are all either Kings or Pawns, and a King may move a Man, but the Soul belongs to the Man.