Tuesday, March 3, 2015

America is Dead.

We live in a society where Police can barge in and arrest us out of Suspicion. The Government can detain us indefinitely on an Accusation. The Courts will never hear our case because of Rendition.

Welcome to the real world. Welcome to reality. Liberals, Obamatrons, Democrats; they would say I'm paranoid. That I'm just some Racist, Bigot, Redneck, Republican. And maybe I am. They will demand proof.  If I obtained proof, they would have come for me a long time ago. 

You don't need a stack of files in front of you, in order to confirm what's been happening right before your eyes. Am I saying that whistleblowers are justified? No. What Bradley Manning did was wrong. He exposed on going operations and put innocent peoples lives in danger. Edward Snowden however, showed us just how dark, our reality has become. The only life endangered by his actions were his own. And in a sense, you might say he gave us our lives back.

There is something very wrong with this Government. But then there has always been something very wrong with the liberal ideology. First and foremost; it doesn't work. In its ascended forms being socialism, and communism; it has destroyed every country that has ever implemented it, or is in the process of destroying it. Secondly; it is in complete contrast to everything our Founding Fathers fought for. This country was founded on the principles of God, it was founded on Conservativism, it was founded on Capitalism.

Some would say prove it. The Pilgrims came here looking for a place where they could practice their religious beliefs freely. The Colonists, fought against England, whose ideology has been liberal for over 200 years. It survives because its economic system is capitalism. People want to bash the late Margaret Thatcher because she was conservative, and yet that country prospered most under her guidance. During World War II we fought against Fascism (National Socialism) in Germany, and in Japan, it was a parliamentary monarchy (with an Emperor) which is a government system only ever found in liberal settings. During the Cold War we fought against Communism with Russia.

For 200 years this country fought and stood firmly against liberalism. And thanks to cowards, white guilt republicans, and liberal traitors, we welcomed it with open arms. And on top of that we welcomed it to a man that we know absolutely nothing about. 

Every document and record of his past has been classified. No one in any class he ever claimed to have could ever remember him being there, let alone spoke to him. His entire history is a lie. One massive scandal and cover-up. Is it any surprise what he is doing now.

You fools continue to believe in him, believing in his message, his ideology, believing his lies. And it is because of you that I will feel no guilt in fighting against you when the war comes. And regardless of what we may want, there will be a civil war in this country one way or another, sooner or later.

They mock us; "You think you are going to fight against the American military?" We fought against the British Military; who was the strongest in the world. We fought them under equipped, under matched, and with very little hope. But we won then. "What if they kill you?" Then, I say to them. I will have died fighting for what I believed in. And in that I can stand before God and be judged, and I will feel no shame.

We have fallen a long way. And I'd like to believe that we can simply vote in a Republican next election, or perhaps a Libertarian; and they can fix it. But the harsh reality is No, we can't. Aside from the fact that given our dictator's current oppression, his current attempts to consolidate his power; it is very unlikely we will even have another presidential election. Fact is, too much damage has already been done. 

At some point you need to stop trying to patch the holes in the dam, and just let it crumble. Then you may build anew. The only hope we have left is destruction. Either this Government destroys itself, or the people rise up to tear it down, and we start over.

I've often heard Christians I know make the comment, "America is never referenced in Revelations". Yes that is true, many countries are not. And perhaps that is because they are already destroyed when that time comes. But then perhaps the United States of America is not referenced, because we will have become something different by then. Something greater perhaps. Who knows. Maybe we will become an entirely new country. Or maybe we will completely destroy ourselves, and there won't be anything left to even build on. Then again, the lack of mention, might not mean anything at all.

Yet even so. I have hope. Not everyone out there does. Not every Christian believes in God the same way I do. Not every Conservative or Capitalist, believes the same way about Government and Economics that I do. It doesn't matter that people don't believe the same way I do, my beliefs do not require them to. 

I learned a long time ago. Those who try desperately to convince others to believe as they do, be it in Christianity, or Islam; are in actuality trying to convince themselves. They feel that if someone else believes the same. They are justified, they are confirmed. And those who try desperately to tear down what someone believes, are those with no faith in themselves. They fear what they do not understand. And in that fear they seek to destroy. I have been mocked, and ridiculed for my beliefs for as long as I can remember. The only thing it has done, is confirm in myself, that I walk the right path.

Yet in everything that may make me appear to be strong I know I am weak. It's why I hide my identity, why I use an alias, why I wear a mask. Oscar Wilde said, "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person, give him a mask and he will speak the Truth.". I've been wearing this mask for a long time. Couldn't even begin to tell you how I created it. Wouldn't care if someone figured who I was underneath. Something a friend taught me; we don't wear a mask to hide ourselves, we wear a mask, so that we don't have to hide anymore. And I know that may seem confusing to some of you. But then there are those out there like myself who understand that notion all too well.

I have sinned a great deal in my life. I am far from this "Holier than thou" stance many so called Christians take. I ask God for forgiveness often. I am burdened by my past. I have no doubts that God has forgiven me. But sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to forgive myself.

I end with this. We all have something we believe in. A principle, an ideology, a goal. We all have a long road ahead of us. A difficult road. And we might not all survive what is to come. But the question you must ask yourself is this. "When I die, when I am judged, will I have regrets? Will I feel shame? If I were to die today. How would I feel about the life I led?"

In life we are all either Kings or Pawns, and a King may move a Man, but the Soul belongs to the Man.

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