Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Believe I figured it out. But I could be wrong.

So. In order for Obama to have Supreme Authority. (bit redundant at this point); During a time of national crisis, the President may declare a Nationwide State of Emergency. In so doing all elections are suspended, all branches of government are suspend and authority over every bureau, agency, and department is under direct control of the POTUS.

So you have the "invasion", thousands of illegals crossing the border; many are infected with everything from scabies to tuberculosis. But they are being stopped by both Civilians who forbid the buses access to their towns, and the Patriot Militia who are preventing more from coming in. So that Outbreak was a bust.... for now.

Next. One Doctor, and One Nurse, trying to aid those who where caught in an EBOLA outbreak. They themselves have become infected. It is a terrible tragedy. Ebola, much like small pox is a HIGHLY DEADLY virus. But it is survivable. Both can be fought off by the bodies immune system in a matter of weeks, provided the patient stays in good health (reasonably and considering) during that time.

But until they do overcome, they are EXTREMELY CONTAGIOUS. So why bring them home? 

1. There are hundreds of Highly certified hospitals in Europe that are more than capable of taking care of him; all of them closer to where he was in Africa, than any in the Continental United States.

2. During war times when soldiers happened to become infected with contagious diseases, they where placed aboard Hospital ships, completely staffed and secured with qualified personnel. These ships where put out to sea, and forbidden from docking until the patient either (A.) recovered completely, and no further infections occurred. or (B.) the Patient died, their body disposed of (incineration) and no further infections occurred.

So why bring them home? Answer: OUTBREAK. This is the incident Obama needs to declare emergency. EBOLA, those it kills, die within 7 to 14 days, typically. It is highly contagious, and Hospitals are the WORST places to PREVENT the spread of disease. ( I know that sounds insane, but it is what we call a Cruel Irony. Ask anyone with medical training about that, and they will tell you the same.). 

All you need is ONE nurse, ONE doctor, ONE bystander; to come into exposed contact with the patient, become unknowingly infected, and walk out of that hospital, jump on a bus, train, or subway, and you have between 20 and 200 people infected in a matter of minutes. 

1 infects 200, 200 infects 40000 to 8,000,000. You see where this goes. 

Once again, I admit, I could be mistaken. Maybe bringing this Doctor and Nurse home was just a poor decision, maybe they wanted to treat them here out of some lack of confidence in European medical centers. 

But what if I'm right. What if this was INTENTIONAL. Only time will tell.

pic is slightly related, a little Half-Life humor for the BIOHAZARD outbreak theme.

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