Friday, March 18, 2016

Trump or Cruz

Some of my Conservative friends question my support of Trump. Some were less than cordial about it. So I take this time to set the record straight.

I support Ted Cruz, in all honesty he was my first choice. I am in full support of all he believes in. However I have always considered myself a rather good judge of character. While I agree completely with Cruz on nearly every issue. The fact is, I do not believe him to be strong enough.

Trump has a presence. The kind of man who will tell Iran, to go Fuck Themselves. Cruz is too nice, too polite. No politician will respects a leader they can walk over. Trump on the other hand is a brutal man of means. Some would claim that makes him like Obama. Wrong. Obama is a selfish, spoiled brat of a child. Trump is a tactful negotiator.

Trump is a businessman; people want to bash him for having donated money to liberal politicians in the past. Think about it; who was in charge? Liberals. Who had the power to pass a law that could hurt your business? Liberals. Who do you have to pay off to ensure that shit does not happen? Liberals.

Furthermore Trump is not afraid nor hesitant to fire someone for fucking up. Obama has tried to cover up for everyone under his regime. Granted I think that more because they had dirt on him but that's beside the point.

But don't get me wrong, I am just as adamant about fighting a Civil War against this government regardless of who is in charge and for what party they stand. I hope that under a Right Wing, Conservative leadership even a Nationalist that the current course can be halted, even reversed.

I believe Trump to be the strongest candidate to do that. Yes Cruz is the purest conservative, but Cruz does not have former democrats supporting him, Trump does, which explains Trumps vast array of support from such diverse groups. Cruz may want to take a lot of really great actions against the government, but I do not believe he has the Will for it. He is just too soft.

If I had it my way, If I was Cruz or Trump, I would say to the other look; we are both great choices, lets run this primary campaign, who ever looses, gets to be vice president. Those two running together would be unstoppable.

If Hillary wins I will start the war myself. I refuse to see another 4 or even 8 years of tyranny in this country. If Trump wins, and the same goes for Cruz, and they do not uphold their promise, I will wage war against them as well.

I am not an anarchist, I am a Radical Right Wing Christian Conservative Patriot. The very kind the liberal media speaks so fearfully of. I believed in this country, and I have seen it transformed from the Land of the Free, to one of Tyranny and Oppression.

I would rather see it destroyed that it may be reborn, then see it become the very dwelling of the evil and savage against which it has stood for so long.

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